Think of our workshops as a catch up with your besties. There’s snacks, freshly brewed tea, and real-world advice. We can deliver workshops at your school, university, or even your local cafe.


Our workshops are tailor made for your school, university or group. 

We'll discuss relationships, emotional abuse and self-love. If there's a topic or key challenge your group are facing that you'd like us to tackle, we'll work with you to design a workshop that fits.

During our workshop participants will work through a series of self-paced and group activities. We empower participants to direct the workshop through organic conversation. This ensures our messages are both relevant and tailored to real-life scenarios that are meaningful to our audience while improving class engagement. 

A minimum number of 25 and maximum of 40 are required for any of our workshops. 

We are now accepting bookings for November/ December 2018.