Why a good rumble conversation is important.

In 2017, I called for the audience at TEDX Wellington to soften in to the discomfort of conversations. Since then I am often asked why uncomfortable conversations are important to creating change. Here’s a snapshot in to the answer I have to this question.

I think the power of social change lies within the realms of allowing my truth to be heard while also being open to listening to and respecting yours. When you do this well, you create space for someone to listen, learn and feel valued.

An uncomfortable conversation exposes our self-perceived down falls. We speak at the risk of not being understood. We may even find ourselves not being able to see eye to eye or agree. The purpose of an uncomfortable conversation should be, to be seen, heard and most importantly to listen. If your goal is to be correct or make another person wrong- you have the perfect recipe for disconnection or worse, war.

We've all heard Brene talk about how vulnerability is the birthplace of courage and creativity. I also believe vulnerability or an uncomfortable conversation is the birthplace of enlightenment and learning. If we all opened ourselves up to learning we would progress far more effectively, with a lot less noise.

Irene Wakefield