What's my vibe on self-love?

A key pillar of my work at Prepair is the self-love. I get really passionate when someone talks to me about self-love because of the way it is portrayed to the world. When I use the term self-love, heres’s what I mean and where I think you should start:

Self-love has become trendy. It's a buzz word that is used to sell everything from workshops to fitness wear.

To me, real self-love requires you to truly get to know your most authentic self. It is a journey that happens internally more than externally. Yes, it feels good to have a bubble bath or get your nails done, but this is not a practice that will sustain you when there are tough decisions to be made.

The first thing to do is learn about yourself beyond a surface level. What do you value most in life? When are you most aligned with your values? Are there people in your life that sway you away from living in alignment with your values? Who are the people that encourage you to live in alignment with your values. I would encourage anyone wanting to follow this process to check out the values worksheet on the Prepair NZ website.

When you understand yourself at a deeper level it's much easier to make decisions that go against the grain. The decision could be about leaving an abusive relationship or quitting your job to start a business. Having your values in tact mean that you can make the best choice for you without being swayed by the noise of the world. Your values serve as an adamant and unshakeable foundation upon which you can build you life.

Irene Wakefield