I do not fit inside a box, so I won't.

I recently had one of those conversations towards the end of 2018 where someone asks you about your intention for the coming year. One key theme that stands out for me is how I don’t want to fit inside a box. The world wants to break me down into segments, fit me inside a box and mould to an expectation. I am resisting this at all costs. Why? Because everyone time you try and fit yourself inside a box, I think you carve away the important pieces that make you, you. Here’s a quick snapshot into my answer:

I live in a world that encourages me to boil myself, my work and my beliefs down in to checkboxes and 1080px squares. I'm currently working through a process of unsubscribing from this mentality. For example I recently deleted my personal Instagram because it actually does nothing to serve me. Or, when someone asks me what I do, I tell them that I don't fit into a traditional job title - I am Irene.

At heart I am a non-conformist and I really value originality. I don't enjoy buying into trends and popularity and I am actively choosing not to. This feels really good for me however it can make cutting through a noisy digital world challenging. I've subscribed to the long game with Prepair and with that comes the need for  patience and perseverance which is tough some days.

Irene Wakefield