The Heart Shaped Collective


The Heart Shaped Collective are the heart beat of Prepair NZ. A group of individuals and small businesses who give at least $20 a week to fund our core expenses. They’re our most dedicated supporters who collectively ensure that 100% of our regular donations can go directly into Prepair NZ Projects. The Heart Shaped Collective is made up of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, employers and friends - people like you.

We’re looking for members to join the collective today. Will you back us?


Why we need you.

Our work has been largely self-funded by me.

Over the last three years I’ve volunteered my time leading research projects, executing national campaigns with partners such as Glassons and sharing my personal story of emotional abuse with 100,000s of young women via channels such as TEDx, Re:News and our social platforms.

Everyday I am reminded of the need for Prepair by the private messages I receive online from young women looking for help with emotional abuse.

Today, I am asking you to partner with me to help fuel our long term mission and our ability to scale as an organisation by joining The Heart Shaped Collective here.

Irene, CEO & Founder - Prepair NZ

Our current goals.

This year our goal is to launch three digital resources that are absolutely free to young women in Aotearoa.

  1. A quiz that tells you if your relationship is healthy or emotionally abusive.

  2. An online assessment that identifies where you are on the self-love journey and guides you along to the next step.

  3. A digital workshop that puts the best of our work in the hands of every young woman in our country.

All of this backed by our extensive research, testing and prototyping.

By joining The Heart Shaped Collective you ensure that 100% of our regular donations go directly to these projects. Even more so, you enable Prepair to focus our attention where it matters most — with our gals.


How does the collective work?

It’s simple. You contribute $20 or more per week to
The Heart Shaped Collective fund for an open term.
Your contributions are used to cover our core expenses, freeing my team and I up to focus on what we’re good at.

We ask you to commit for a minimum of 6 months. In saying that the collective operates like a flat share situation. When you’re ready to move on all you have to do is help us find someone to replace you. Easy!

What’s in it for you?

We’re a registered charity (CC53302) meaning you could claim back 1/3 of your donation.

You’ll be one of the first to see, touch and interact with our latest developments. I’ll send you regular updates to let you know how we’re progressing with our goals. You’ll also be the first on our invites list to Prepair events, launches and fundraisers. If you’re up for it, we may ask you to feature on our blog to share with our gals why you choose to back the work of Prepair.

You get to be part of the story that reminds our gals that they are worthy of true love.


What our gals say.

You are not judgemental which I haven't found in anyone else I’ve tried to talk to. You gave me helpful tools and made me feel more valued and showed me my worth.

I now feel more confident within myself to make more positive decisions to provide a safe environment for myself and my children. Thank you so much.

School Workshop Attendee

We know that NZ has some of the worst rates of domestic violence in the developed world. The cycle of abuse tells us that physical violence starts as emotional abuse. Research says; 1 in 3 women will experience abuse from an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Prepair exists to intercept this pattern by working with young women while they’re exploring relationships. By educating them about emotional abuse. Empowering her with the tools to build a healthy relationship with herself. Engaging her in healthy conversations about relationships, expectations and boundaries with others.

We’re offering you the opportunity to empower Prepair to empower young women. Will you join us?