Welcome to the team babe,

I'm so excited to have you here and contributing to the vision of Prepair NZ.
To me, it's really important that we get to know you who are, so we can deliver you the best experience possible. 

I've got a few questions for you below.
You'll find these are not the typical things you're asked when joining a new team. I ask things like, where to send a gift when we want to surprise you. Or, what coffee to buy if I arrive to the cafe first. That's because we think the little things matter!

I also want to know about you, what you care about and value most. 
Why? Because what matters to you, matters to us. 

I can't wait to read your answers.


Ngā Mihi,

Irene Wakefield
CEO & Founder Prepair NZ


About Me

If your not sure about some of these questions, try the helpful links below this form. 

Name *
Birthdate *
( If we were to send you a bunch of flowers - where's the best place for them to go? )
If you're a blogger, run your own side hustle or happen to have a website of your own share that with us!
( We tend to hang in lot's of cafe's. If we're ordering coffee - what should we get you? )
If you've done Myers Briggs before or the 16 personalities test - let us know which personality you are!
Your love languages?
Ok, we know this might be random. We just wanna know the best way to acknowledge you!
Please provide a name and phone number