Ashley Church

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Hey Ash! You are an ultimate Prepair gal. You have donated a lot of your time to Prepair as a Creative Director and photographer for many shoots and have brought such a fun energy to the team. You're also half the creative brain behind Fever Hotel, and you have your work featured all over Fifi's Wellington walls. WOW! 

Creativity is in your DNA. Can you tell us why you use this superpower to support Prepair NZ?

How could I not use my creative vision to help support an amazing charity that I truly believe in?! When Irene and I first got together over a coffee we connected instantly.

Irene is someone I 100% back and when she asked me to help her find the look and feel of the Prepair brand I got sooo excited! I still get this excited every time we work on a new Prepair project. We've done photo shoots, worked with Studio Bon to create personas for the Prepair gals and talked heaps about not only Prepair, but deeply about life, values and ideas! I love what Prepair does for women and I am very passionate about self-reflection, the journey of self-acceptance and love, and of course seeing women in fulfilling, caring relationships.


What's it like working with the gals at Prepair NZ? How has it helped you?

Working alongside the Prepair gals is such a cool experience!! Everyone is so open, honest and keen to get to know each other. Way more than just at surface level. Everyone is 100% passionate about Prepair and it's mission. All the deep and meaningful conversations and all the belly laughs. Working with the Prepair gals has helped me get to know myself better, reflect on my values and the relationships in my life and move away from relationships that aren't so healthy for me. It’s also given me so many gorgeous friendships that I am very grateful for.


You've been involved in multiple projects at Prepair. What would you tell another organisation or person who was wants to help Prepair, too?

I would tell them that Irene is amazing to work with! She is well thought out, driven, passionate, goal-orientated and she is a fabulous leader. Everyone on a Prepair team at any given time, new to the team or old, are all connected to driving the Prepair mission. You can feel this when you work on any Prepair project. It's a great energy to be around. I'd say definitely be apart of the Prepair story!


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At Prepair, we look at the big picture. We are all about the raw, honest and nitty-gritty bits of relationships and self-love. What kind of things would you like to see from Prepair in the future?

I want to see Prepair continue to grow and make a difference for women’s lives! I want to see Prepair change the way young women in NZ look at themselves and their relationships and empower them to reflect and move forward. I'd love to see Aotearoa as an empowered country free from emotional abuse.  As a side project I'd also love to see an empowering coffee-table-style book! Full of Prepair realness, insights and imagery about self-love!


We have a wide range of demographic who follow and support Prepair. What would be one piece of advice you'd like to share with our wonderful readers?

Hello lovely Prepair readers! You are so gorgeous inside and out. And I send lotsa LOVE & good vibes to you all.

Hard to just share 1 piece of advice so I'll share 3 short and snappy bits that I live by:

- Be you every day. No one else can do you, like you can! You bring so much to the world.

- Be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to strangers. Look up at people, acknowledge them, smile at them. Small acts of kindness have a huge effect.

- Have the courage to stand up for yourself. Check in with yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Be open! <3

Bronte Stevenson