Lisa Hedges

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Hey Lisa! We are so grateful for Prepair champions like you. We wouldn’t be able to execute all the good that we do without supporters such as yourself. Can you tell us how you first connected with Prepair NZ?

I actually slid into Prepair’s dms a couple of years ago! I stumbled across their page and instantly felt drawn to support. After messaging Irene, I invited her out for a massage and a chat and we ended up speaking for hours. We realised we had a lot of similar core values, had been down a similar path in life, and both were truly inspired to create change and assist others. 

We have the same heart.

There are so many wonderful charities in Aotearoa. Why do you choose to support Prepair? 

I feel called to by Prepair. I believe in Prepair’s values and the work that Irene is doing. Having walked through a bit in my lifetime I understand the need for this work.

I also know her heart, her authenticity and her ‘why’. None of what she has created in Prepair is driven out of selfish ambition or a need for ‘Insta-fame / clout’ The work she is doing is truly because she saw an issue, and decided to do something about it — and that is such a beautiful thing! 

Our goal is to spread awareness about emotional abuse, self-love and how to navigate healthy relationships. How do you think Prepair benefits you and the wider audiences?

The benefits of a charity such as Prepair is truly immeasurable. An easily accessible platform which speaks on what constitutes a healthy relationship, self-worth and self-value, (without any of the ‘fluffy’ BS that you so commonly find on social media) and also produces tools on how to navigate it all - this was something that never existed while I was growing up. If it did, I had no idea where to find it. I really can’t put into words the value and the impact I believe Prepair has and will have in the years to come. 

What values are important to you and how do you ensure that you utilise them in real-life situations?

Some of my key core values are; Grace, honesty, integrity and LOVE. 

I am in a very blessed position that I am able to interact with people in a very personal way daily. It is an honour that I don’t take lightly and I know part of what I’m called to do on this earth is do provide restoration for others, so for me, working out my values is a daily tangible occurrence. 

What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

It feels safe, encouraging, full of love, honestly, respect, and trust. It speaks truth, it is slow to anger, quick to forgive, it treasures and uplifts. It is patient and kind. It is two whole people, looking to build into each other and expand on what they are already bringing to the table. 

And finally, what do you want to see for the next generation of women?

For all generations of women, I want to see them understand and know that they are LOVED. They are worthy, that they have been created on purpose, for a purpose. I want them to understand they have the right to walk away from anyone or anything that strips them of their worth, that destroys their self esteem, and doesn’t align with their values. 

I want them to trust that divine gut instinct, to understand that they are sacred, and should be treasured, respected and honoured. 

Bronte Stevenson