Prepair NZ is an educational prevention strategy for relationship abuse in Aotearoa. 

We work with young girls to advocate for healthy relationships, firstly with self and then with others. 

Our core objectives are to inspire young women to choose self love first, to be clear on what a healthy relationship looks like for them, and finally to be able to identify and manage the early signs of abuse whether witnessed or experienced. 

We carry out our work through social media, workshops and our school programme. 







Prepair NZ was founded by Irene Wakefield in 2015.

The organisation was started because Irene learned about mental & emotional abuse through a blog post on Facebook.  Irene learned through this article that a former relationship was mentally and emotionally abusive. This information came years too late and prompted our organisation to be started to ensure that other young girls avoided similar experiences. 

Over the past two years our organisation has become a recognised provider of prevention work to young girls by organisations such as the government campaign - It's Not OK.

Prepair NZ now works to deliver workshops, talks and presentations to young girls across NZ. The topics include healthy & unhealthy relationships, identification and management of early stage abuse and self-love. We are a charitable organisation for young girls only. 

We would like to take the time to thank our sponsors, the amazing volunteers, support people and past leaders that have weaved their knowledge and expertise in the work of our organisation.

We are proud of the work our organisation delivers and appreciate the people that we have worked with.

This is a mission we need help with - To prevent domestic violence in Aotearoa.

Thank You!