we do. 

At Prepair NZ, we believe that a healthy relationship starts with ourselves.

We're bringing our 18+ workshop series to Wellington & Christchurch first. Expect to dig in to the heart of building a wholesome relationship with self and uncover how that impacts the relationships you have with others. This text is a placeholder only and no relevant to this section of the website. 



online tool kits

This should be tailored to the girl who wants to educate herself in the privacy of her own home. Or the support person needing a tool kit to share with a loved one or friend. tellus vitae varius convallis, ipsum justo commodo dui, a feugiat mauris turpis ut




A an organisation we see meet ups as an opportunity to combat isolation the most dangerous sign of EA. A place to make friends, join the sisterhood and help mobilise the vision of Prepair NZ. mauris turpis ut turpis. In laoreet magna eu 




workshops & talks

A little more intensive. An immersive experience to learn and go a bit deeper in to the lessons while meeting cool people and hearing others experiences and insights too. mauris turpis ut turpis. In laoreet magna eu consectetur facilisis. Etiam ut



real stories & advice

Real life advice answering all the questions you have about relationships, emotional abuse and self-love from other sisters. And real stories.  mauris turpis ut turpis. In laoreet magna eu consectetur facilisis. Etiam ut tempus metus. Phasellus maximus