What emotional abuse feels like?


Emotional abuse can make you feel like there is no way out or that without your partner you're nothing. It chips away at your feelings of self-worth, independence and confidence. 

Some people might see emotionally abusive behaviours as a joke or a way of showing love.
Emotional abuse is not love and it's not ok.
You are worthy of a loving, respectful and safe relationship - always. 
So, what are the warning signs


The Warning Signs

How serious is emotional abuse?

Our research shows that emotional abuse is almost, always, how a physically abusive relationship begins. The aim of an abuser is to chip away at a sense of self-worth and independence allowing them to gain control. Once control is gained it can become very difficult to leave and the escalation of abuse may feel like a surprise. 

No one should wait for things to 'get physical' before taking them seriously. 
Emotional abuse is a strong enough reason to leave a relationship or seek help.


How do I help a friend? 


You do have the right to intervene if you suspect someone may be experiencing emotional abuse. 
Begin by having a conversation. Here are some tips to help you  get started: 


I need help.