a Wellington Primary School


Charlotte is 29 years old and a teacher at a Wellington Primary School.
A recent learning unit with her Year 3 students was inspired by the
#TrueLoveIs campaign. 


We received a beautiful email and video of 7 year old girls who
talk about the true meaning of love. We were so excited to receive
permission from the girls parents to share this amazing story with you.


Of course, we had to get in touch with Charlotte first
to find out a little more. 



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Why did you teach the girls
about True Love?


We were completing a unit of learning called, 'Keeping Ourselves Safe.'
The unit is about positive relationships and having the confidence to stand up and
say no when we feel uncomfortable about a situation.


The girls learned about when people are being caring and when they are not.
What is appropriate from people and what is not.
The difference between secrets and surprises and how to get help.
How to communicate our feelings when in a situation we aren’t comfortable with.





How did the girls respond to the lesson?


Thankfully some of the behaviours we discussed have not been experienced
by the children in their lives to date so they had questions about that.


Learning this at the end of the year was good because the class has really bonded
so we have a really safe environment to do this in.


The organic way the girls speak in this video shows that regardless of their tender age,
they feel this learning in their hearts and know how important it is for their lives




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Why do you think learning about love
and positive relationships is important?



I think the children are just prior to the age where NZ girls really start to doubt themselves and question their self-worth. It is so important for them to value themselves and have a high standard for the love they deserve.


As the girls mature, they will encounter pressures and criticism throughout which they will need to stand strong.
They will need to make choices about who they allow into their lives and who they allow to stay. 
We need to ingrain that sense of self-worth from the beginning.





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Did anything surprise you?


I was surprised by the range of answers the girls gave.


As a collective they were able to comprehensively define healthy love and what it feels like.
The girls have such beautifully, perfectly simple definitions of love and relationships.


I think as we grow up there is a danger of us losing sight of what love should be like.
We can allow our view of love to become distorted as we see it through the lens of others.



We make excuses for why it doesn’t always end up feeling the way the girls describe in the video.
When in fact, it absolutely should- this isn’t something we should bend on because we are all worthy of it. 










Thank you so much Charlotte for extending this important lesson to your classroom. 


We would also like to acknowledge the parents/ guardians of the children featured in this
video for your permission to share this with our audience. 


Merry Christmas!




Irene Wakefield