Prepair NZ X Glassons




We live to ensure that every young woman in our country is educated about
healthy relationships, emotional abuse and self-love. 


When we deliver a workshop or connect with our audience, 
we often liken ourselves to that cool older sister you need when it comes to love.

The one who answers the awkward questions, pulls out the ice-cream when your heart is broken,
hugs you when you need it, but also call you out on your BS when that needs to happen too.


So, when we were considering how we could get our Rose Tees out to NZ
we wondered what brand could serve as that 'cool older sister to us.'






For many of us, Glassons was there for our first
shopping spree, first party outfit and first job interview.
 ( am I right ? ) 



We wondered if they would be there for young women in
Aotearoa this time around. 




And so it began.



We embarked on the 6 week mission of pitching our idea, launching a fashion line
and seeing our Rose Tees stocked nationwide.









Within three weeks our rose design was finalised by the amazing Kate Key.



Our first t-shirt samples were underway and we were chatting to you about
what #TrueLoveIs through our social media channels.



We knew that getting our idea in front of Glassons would have to be
clever, creative and memorable to reach our crazy audacious goal.



Luckily we had a talented team who are skilled in fashion design, photography,
graphic design, copywriting and user experience design.



Our creatives got to work and the PITCH IN A  BOX  was born.










We treated the project as though we were launching our very own fashion line.

If we were going to do this properly all the details would matter.



The first major task was creating our Look Book which would serve as
a core component to our pitch in a box.




There were plenty of meetings, lot's of coffee, bliss balls, hairspray
and a fun afternoon in a studio with our photographer.
We had the makings of our book ready to go.



Weaved throughout the Look Book was the Prepair NZ story,
details of our campaign and the question.



"Will you stock our Rose Tees in every Glassons store nationwide?" 







We were very aware that Glassons HQ would receive lots of packages in a day.
  So, by far the most important part of our pitch was the first impression.


It was super important that our package stood out from the standard  sea of brown boxes
and bright coloured courier bags. It needed to feel special, personal and leave those
that received one feeling excited to open it up.



Every detail and layer of this package was thoughtfully chosen.


The individually designed courier labels, the thought provoking question
inside, the thickness of the tissue paper and the perfect shade of pink.



The day arrived where we would send the packages off.
It's at this point that we have a laugh because we are called Prepair NZ
but we were not prepared for the courier when he arrived.



Our final box was being printed at the very last minute when he arrived.
( Thanks @thebigpic for putting up with our crazy deadlines. ) 



They were beautiful. So, beautiful that the courier promised us to
handle them with care on their journey. 










Then we waited.



While Christy & Irene went to Dunedin to deliver workshops at Otago University,
the team stayed on to organise our #TrueLoveIs film with Film for Change. 




Arriving in Dunedin, we looked forward to coffee and these
cinnamon scrolls our mates had been banging on about.




Of course we stopped by to visualise our
tees in Glassons Dunedin. Because, why not?
























Obvs.  Irene was really excited.


At 11:11 on the dot a phone call came through from Glassons to say - Yes!









Over the next few weeks we were keeping secrets from you.
We teased you with photos of our models & didn't show you what the design was on our tees.




We collected our first shipment of tees from our supplier ( Thanks Sascha )
and piled them in the bank of a Toyota Vitz.





Our tees were on route to Glassons and we thought ..
How the heck are we going to announce this?














Oh, and party we did! 




We had 70 incredible guests join us for the big reveal.
They would be the first to hear the news. 




Your responses were AMAZING to say the very least. 



We received photos of you in your tees, shopping for your tees, we even
saw men in stores buying a tee for themselves!!




We found ourselves in cafes sitting across the room from complete
strangers who were wearing a Rose Tee. 




AND we had the best selling product in the first week of sales.











The campaign was amazing and it taught us that the sky is truly the limit.



No matter how crazy your idea is  - give that thing a go!
See where you land. 


Of course, we've already started working on our next blue sky idea. 
Which we can't wait to share with you in the new year. 



To our incredible followers THANK YOU
fo believing in us, backing us and supporting the movement. 
We honestly appreciate you all so much! 




We hope you're ready for 2018.

We're bringing the fire 🔥 ❤️ 





Irene Wakefield