Shannon Wray


Ever wondered who the face behind our gram is? 

Meet Shannon our Social Media Manager  💕




I came across Prepair NZ last summer when I met Irene at Live the Dream. 
I started following on social media straight away and really liked what I was seeing. 



To me, Prepair NZ is a place where girls support girls and you stand up for what you believe in. 
It spreads the message of true love while educating about self-love, healthy relationships and emotional abuse.



Today, I am the Social Media Manager at Prepair NZ.

This is a carefully executed role, especially considering the topics we discuss. When I'm planning posts I try to create a space that uplifts peoples and educates at the same time. 






What do you love about prepair nz?

This is my girl gang.
Prepair is a place that I know I could go to any of the girls that I work with and they would all 100% be there for me! 
It’s such a supportive and uplifting community and I am so honoured to be a part of the magic.







How has prepair nz impacted you? 



I remember the first workshop I attended, it helped me realise that some of the things that I had been doing in my relationship were not OK. My lack of trust, jealously and constant suspicion that I was putting on my current partner from past relationship anxieties was not healthy. Especially not for my personal state of mind.


Since then I have learned so much about myself.  I have a deeper understanding of the relationships in my life and the types of positive behaviours that I need to surround myself with.


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One of the hardest things that I’ve had to learn, is to let go of what happened in past relationships and not let that affect my future relationships.  For me, that means sitting back when I’m starting to get upset and actually understanding where this hurt has come from, what is sparking the feeling and why I’m reacting  the way that I am.

Being mentally and emotionally abused doesn’t just affect you at the time it happens, it affects you for the rest of your life.





What is one thing you wish you were taught about relationships and why?


I believe that the work Prepair does is so important. 

The relationships that we have in our lives shape the people that we are. We are all entitled to healthy relationships not just romantically but within all relationships in our lives.

I wish that I was taught more about my worth, about standing up for myself. How to know when I wasn’t being treated properly and how to act accordingly. In love, we tend to become blind to what is happening because we are in “love”.

Also, understanding that I am number one.
This is definitely something that I am still learning about and working on every day.




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What do you think true love is?


I think true love is home, it’s your room, it’s your favourite food, it’s being 100% comfortable, relaxed and open.
It’s singing your favourite song without a care in the world, it’s happiness, it’s acceptance.


Who inspires you?


I’m inspired by quite a lot in my life.


 I love talking to people about what their goals and dreams are. Being able to use my skills to help other people has always been a rewarding experience for me. I feel like this inspires me every day to get up and do the work that I do.


Something that has really inspired me lately is women that get stuff done! People that don’t sit around and wait for a yes. I’m trying to embody this into my life currently and turn around some things that I have on my many to-do lists!




What is your favourite quote?

If it’s meant to be, then it will be.



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Irene Wakefield