Healthy Relationships

We all want to love and be loved, it's human nature gal.

Every single one of us deserves a good quality, nourishing and healthy relationship. One that's bound by love, respect, honesty, loyalty and a bit of fun for good measure. The type that aligns with our values and sees us working together like a team. A couple that attacks problems - not each other.

Sounds good right? So what is a healthy relationship? And how the heck does a gal get one?


What is a healthy relationship?

To put it simply a healthy relationship is where two whole people come together to form a team or partnership.

Our relationships are a reflection of what's happening with ourselves. A healthy relationship cannot thrive without the people in it nurturing themselves. When we use the term whole people, we mean people who understand what their values are


 That's exactly why we advocate for self-love. The way you love yourself sets the tone for how others should love you - right?


How do I build a healthy relationship?

Building a healthy relationship is an inside job. Our relationships are a reflection of what's happening with ourselves. When we practice self-love, we fill our cup up with so much goodness that it overflows. What's in the cup is for you. What overflows is for everyone else including your partner. 

Gal, when we say whole people - we mean people who actively practice self-love. Who invest in themselves and nurture their wellbeing, goals and values. 

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We get it girl - relationships can be hella confusing sometimes. It’s hard to know where to go for advice.

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