Evangeline & Friends

Our online community is made up of passionate, talented and generous young women— Evangeline and her friends are just that. A sisterhood of teens from the Hawkes Bay area who believe in self-love and the importance of healthy relationships. This month the gals pulled together to raise funds for Prepair NZ in the best way they know how. So, what did they get up to? And, why do a group of teens want to back a charity? The answer is special, read on.

Evangeline (centre) and friends.

Evangeline (centre) and friends.

Hey gal, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am so passionate about self-love, sisterhood and healthy relationships. My self-love journey only started two years ago. I’d just survived a serious illness, I finally felt free, happy and fulfilled and was ready to learn to love myself fully for the first time. The amount of growth after my ‘rock bottom’ was so beautiful. Words cannot explain how proud I am of myself.

I treasure friendships and I’m so thankful to be surrounded by beautiful ladies who inspire me every single day. Special thanks to Bridget, Mikayla, Ursula, Clem, Lien, Hannah, Katarina, Iben, Vanessa, Paige, Isabel, and Grace who donated and supported this fundraiser! I’m planning to host another one soon with more girls…


Why did you and your gals run a fundraiser for Prepair NZ?

As teenagers, (I assume) we are all guilty of constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media. Because of this, I thought that I would inspire some of my girls to find Prepairs account where there is no comparing, only women uplifting women. A lot of girls I know struggle with expressing and being their true self, so I just wanted to create a safe environment and chill atmosphere where we could support each other.

Prepair has been there for me in the past, just like a sister, I wanted to finally give back to the organisation which has constantly supported me through my teenage years. I feel like my main reason for running a fundraiser for Prepair was to educate women about emotional abuse. This is not a topic that is often talked about in our school/friend groups, but it is so important. I really wanted this fundraiser to spread the topic and hopefully reach out to others in my school/town.


What was your intention for the fundraiser?

My intention was to celebrate sisterhood and the power of women.

We had a mini nail bar, photographer, decorations, and outdoor movie and delicious food. We took a walk through nature, had tonnes and tonnes of food (I appreciate my mum and dad for all their incredible help with that!) and talked about self-love and sisterhood. My highlight of the night was an outdoor movie, where we snuggled together eating fruit kebabs and pikelets. 

 Thank you to Lien Son, Alex Heaven and Maureece for volunteering your time and skills to make this happen.

How has Prepair influenced you gals?

Prepair has always being like an older sister to me. No judgement, just honest chats.

Last year, I felt really out of touch, due to starting a new school. I needed to remind myself how important self-love is and Prepair was there for me to remind me. Hopefully, from this fundraiser (and more to come in the future) Prepair’s name will reach out to even more of my school-wide friends, and help them out.


A special thank you to Evangeline & her friends for the incredible efforts in raising funds for Prepair NZ. Did you know that Prepair is a registered charitable organisation? You can show your support by making a one-off donation, shop our online store or become a regular donor via The Heart Shaped Collective to ensure our work can continue to support young kiwi women in Aotearoa.

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