What is Prepair NZ?

An organisation dedicated to helping young NZ women navigate relationships, emotional abuse and self-love. 

What type of organisation is Prepair NZ?

A NZ registered charity.

What services does Prepair NZ offer?

We offer workshops and talks to schools, universities and other organisations where young women meet. We also offer digital tools and resources including educational videos, interactive worksheets, quizzes and reading material across our website, social media and YouTube Channel.


How can I support Prepair NZ?

There are lot’s of ways to support Prepair NZ.

You could make a one-off donation or contact us to become a regular donor. Everyone in our team from CEO to blogger are volunteers. Your contributions can help our team better support young women navigation relationships, emotional abuse.

If you're a business owner, we'd love to discuss becoming a Prepair NZ sponsor. We've worked with businesses such as Glassons, Mane Hair Salon, Biz Dojo, Studio Bon and Karen Murrell. We're a creative bunch and love to chase blue-sky ideas!

You could volunteer your time on the team at a one off event or as part of a project. Or, you could join sisters from all across Aotearoa and share your story on our Featured Story blog. 


I’d love to volunteer my time at Prepair! How can I help?

Our volunteers in the past have been graphic designers, web developers, educators, mentors, performance and analytic specialists or social babes who help us run our events.

We’re an untraditional charity which means; we’d never ask you to shake a bucket on the side of the street. We will be open to hearing your ideas on how you can help us though! Sometimes we’re looking for someone specific to support us. If we are, you’ll find the details here.

Will you collaborate with other organisations that promote self-love or female empowerment?

We love working with other values aligned organisations and are always open to collaborating. This includes writing or interviewing as a guest blogger or featured story for other organisations. It is important to us that every collaboration enables us to spread a message relative to raising awareness of emotional abuse and promoting healthy relationships.

If you've got an idea or want to work together we'd love to hear from you. Please send us your ideas and include specific ways that a collaboration together could help us both reach our goals here.


Do you offer counselling?

No. Prepair NZ is run by young women in their 20’s The majority of us have experienced emotional abuse before and volunteer our time to help prevent other gals from being abused.

If you would like to talk to a trained counsellor you can contact 1737 via text or phone call 24/7 for support. If you're looking for an organisation to help you out of an abusive relationship we suggest contacting Women’s Refuge, It’s Not OK or Shine for support.

Who can I talk to about other forms of abuse?

At Prepair NZ we focus mostly on emotional abuse. You can visit areyouok.org for more details on other forms of abuse


Why don’t you work with men?

We think an organisation for men is very much needed in NZ. However we don’t think our team of young women are the right ones to lead this. Prepair NZ is run by women in their 20s, many of which have experienced emotional abuse. We'd love to see an organisation similar to ours launched for men by men in future. 


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