faq - #trueloveis campaign




who are prepair nz?

Prepair NZ is a registered charity. 

We educate young women about healthy relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.

Our work is delivered in schools and universities across the country. 




what is the #truelove is campaign? 

Prepair NZ are raising awareness of the difference between what true love is and emotional abuse. 
During this time Rose Tees will also be on sale to help raise funds for Prepair NZ. 





October 21st 2017.

Available in various major cities across New Zealand and online.
Locations will be announced on October 20th at 7pm on our website, social media and to our newsletter subscribers. 




why are prepair nz raising funds?

Prepair NZ is a registered charity in New Zealand. 

We deliver workshops to young women in schools about healthy relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.

Sadly, not everyone has the resources to bring our work to their communities. We are raising funds to enable more young women to learn about these important topics. 




how much of the funds will be given to charity?

100% of the profits from sales will help Prepair NZ reach more young women through our workshops. 

This may cover costs such as travel, resources, facilitators and workbooks. 





what are the rose tee specifications?

  • 100% cotton
  • 200 gsm
  • White
  • Two colour ways / White Tee + Red Rose / White Tee + Peach Rose
  • High quality embroidered rose design



what is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse is about manipulation and coercion.
It affects your emotions and personality, rather than your body.

Victims of emotional abuse feel ike they are going mad, are very frightened,
they also often feel like it's their fault.

This form of abuse is underestimated. It's not recognised by many people because
it can be subtle and hidden.



where to go for help?

If someone discloses to you that they're being abused:

  • Acknowledge what they've said
  • Let them know that you believe them 
  • Tell them that abusive behaviour is Not Ok
  • Offer to give them one of the following numbers to contact for professional help.


Shine - 0508 744 633

Family Violence Helpline - 0800 456 450




If you have any additional questions please email hello@prepairnz.com