What we mean when we say self-love.


Hey gal,
Let's talk about what we mean when we say self-love.

Self-love is an inside job. Our relationships are a reflection of the level of love we have for ourselves. 

At Prepair, we're firm believers that the way you love, treat and take care of yourself sets the tone for how others should treat you. If you want a healthy relationship, it's up to you to be the first example of what it looks like to love you. Gal, you are the gatekeeper for your life and your heart. Your words, actions, thoughts and beliefs set the boundaries for others. 

Self-love is about truly honouring and valuing yourself. It's choosing what is right for you, even at the risk of upsetting someone who may not agree with you. To achieve this the first step is to be clear on who you are and what you value. It would be a tough gig to love someone if you don't even know who they are -right? 

You can break self-love down in to four key dimensions. They are: physical, spiritual, social and mental/emotional. 

How you choose to practice self-love is your call. It's totally on your terms. What's important is that you do. If you're doing it right - you will know babe. You will notice the difference in yourself and so will others. 

We all go through seasons where you invest more into one area than the other. That's OK. As long as you don't neglect one of them.  What you'll notice is as you invest your time and energy into these areas of your life - you will begin to feel better about yourself. This is what people mean by saying "filling your cup up." 

When your cup is full, a happier and healthier version of you shows up in the world. Which makes a big difference to your relationships. Eventually that cup gets so full it overflows. Babe, what's in the cup is for you. What's outside of the cup is for everyone else, including your partner. 

Self-love is the ultimate fuel for a healthy relationship. A level of happiness you deserve. The sense of security that every gal should be free to feel in her life, goals and most importantly her relationships. 


Irene Wakefield