Values & Emotional Abuse



It's no secret that we believe in the importance of understanding our values before falling in love. Why?
Because without them we run the risk of making decisions that don't align with our truth. Settling for less than we deserve.
Or, putting up with relational behaviour that could be emotionally abusive

So, while we've been chatting values all month and how they relate to self-love on the blog. We thought it was about time we dug into the archives to see what our past storytellers have to say about their values. These babes have shared on our Featured Story Blog their experiences of emotional abuse and self-love. Find out what they value most now when it comes to love. 



Loving Ellie's Belly


Trust, Laughter, Friendship, Loyalty, Strength, Support, Honesty, Balance, Fun, Good communication, Good sex!


Ellie Haines - Loving Ellie's Belly 



Vulnerability is so important when it comes to love. Letting your guard down when you might not be 100% sure of the outcome.
To be vulnerable is to be honest and open about your thoughts and your feelings, and encourages your loved ones to do the same.

It can be incredibly scary but also incredibly rewarding.

Victoria Smith - Holistic Health Hub

Holistic Health Hub

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We are all individuals and valuing your partner for who they are is needed in a relationship. Everyone has different perspectives and opinions, when you are a couple you need to respect that in your partner.

I also think laughter and the acknowledgement that no one is perfect is important in love.

Sarah Houlahan - Prepair NZ Blogger



When I think of love, I think of it in all relationships with friends, family and romantic partnerships. There are an endless amount of values that I think are significant when it comes to both giving and receiving love. Here are my top eight: Honesty, trust, positive communication, respect, integrity, laughter, understanding and support. 

Bridget Paddon - Goal Diggers NZ

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Your values are important to the relationship you have with yourself, your partner, friends and family. 

Not sure what your values are? Download our free tool to work them out gal xx

Irene Wakefield