How to get started on the self-love journey.

We chat to so many gals who have left an emotionally abusive relationship and don't know what to do next. It's overwhelming right? Everything in you knows that self-love is the answer. But, how the heck do you even get started on the journey? If you're ready to get started here's a few tips for you!

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Work out what your values are. 

Self-love is all about choosing what is right for you, even at the risk of others not understanding. That's easier said than done though babe. If you're making a choice that could upset someone you love, it's helpful to have a sounding board to affirm your choice.

Your values are the only reference point you need. They're personal to you and have a lot of meaning. When you're torn between what's right and what might please someone else, checking in with your values ensures you'll choose the best option for YOU.

Not sure how to figure out your values? DW babe. We've got that sorted.
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Practice saying NO.

Self-love says YES when it's YES and NO when it's NO.

Here's the thing gals ... NO is a complete sentence. You don't need to justify yourself with an explanation. It's possible the thought of that makes you feel a little uncomfortable? Start off small with people you trust like your Mum, bestie, sister or flatmate. You've gotta start building your confidence back up again. 

Align your goals.

Self-love ensures that you build a life designed by you, for you.

Take some time out to review your goals. What do you want to stand for? What's important to you? What would you do for the rest of your life even without being paid? What inspires you? What do you want to achieve?

Get all those juicy goals down on paper. Now, make some notes about what type of partner you would need to help you achieve those. Notice anything different?

Get outside your comfort zone.

Self-love will teach you how to trust yourself and the decisions you make.

Babe, you won't do a lot of growing in your comfort zone. Take a few steps outside of it. Call upon the girls or someone your trust to support you. Head out for coffee. Go for a walk. Check out the mall. Sign up to a group. Get your hair cut. Do something that you were unable to before that you're ready to now. 


Practice spending time alone.

Self-love will teach you how to be comfortable in your own company. 

Relationships with others a seasonal. The relationship with yourself lasts forever. You've gotta get comfortable with you babe. It set's you up to be comfortable with others. So, do a few things for yourself, by yourself. Solo coffee date? Walk? Read a book? Listen to a podcast.


Manage who you follow.

Self-love ensures that your environment is one that serves you.

Open up your gram account. Click on the pages you follow. Find every single page that makes you feel like crap. If someone annoys you, makes you compare yourself or is the centre of your gossip sessions ... you know what to do! DELETE. 


There we go babes! 
A few quick tips to get you on the way ... WHEN YOU'RE READY to get started. 

Irene Wakefield