Why being alone is empowering.






There's no doubt that break ups are friggen hard.

Last week we talked about why people stay in an unhealthy relationship.
It sparked a few messages around breakups and how tough it is to do when you're in love with someone - even if they're a dick.

The fear of being lonely is real.
But, let's not get it twisted. Being alone & being lonely are two different things. 

We started by asking Google to tell us the difference between the two ... 

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Judging by those definitions - we know which one we'd prefer. 

The truth is sometimes we can be tricked in to thinking that if we end a shitty relationship - we might be doomed to loneliness.
It's very common for an emotional abuser to use scare tactics like,
" No one else is ever going to love you" as a way to keep you both together.

Can we just take a moment to call BS on that? You babe, are all kinds of friggen wonderful as you are. There is no one in this world who deserves the right to tell you how worthy of love you are but YOU my friend. Anyone who says your not?  SEE YA 👋🏼

( Anyway. Back on track!! ) 

Let's not get it twisted.
If your heart is telling you that you need to get out of a relationship - understand that you WILL be alone. But, you don't have to be LONELY. 

To be alone is actually one of the most empowering experiences we can have as women. It's in this space that we get to re-discover who we are. We are free to explore what self-love means for us, because it is different for everyone. It's a time to renew the relationships you have with friends, colleagues and new amazing people!! It's a time to try out new things.

If you've read our Self-Love Stories blog, you'll know. These beautiful babes all came out of shitty relationships and approached being alone with optimism, creativity, an amazing support crew and a lot of self-loving. Today, they're doing things beyond their wildest dreams.

The same is available to you beauty. 

You can be alone and feel your best yet - confident, empowered, inspired and healthy. You can also be in a relationship and feel completely lonely. We know that you know it.  But, we're here to remind you anyway. You are worthy of a beautiful loving relationship - firstly with yourself, then with others.

Please don't let anyone convince you that you won't find love again - especially a loser xx