18+ workshop



At Prepair NZ, we believe that a healthy relationship starts with ourselves.


We're bringing our 18+ workshop series to Wellington & Christchurch first. Expect to dig in to the heart of building a wholesome relationship with self and uncover how that impacts the relationships you have with others. You will be challenged, thought will be provoked and you will leave with clarity.


Your workshop will be lead by our CEO & Founder Irene Wakefield, known for her powerful TED Talk delivered in Wellington, "Soften into the discomfort of the conversation." 


During the workshop expect to: 


  • Learn what a healthy relationship looks like.
  • Learn what self-love really is.
  • Clarify your personal values & understand their importance in relationships
  • Set healthy boundaries for your relationships
  • Receive tools to help you with overcoming an unhealthy relationship
  • and much more



Sponsored Tickets


A generous member of our community has covered the ticket price for two people in Wellington and Christchurch to attend our 18+ workshop. Apply between 26/02 + 04/03  by filling in the following form.


Our team will read all the submissions and make a decision on who these will be gifted to.


All the best!

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