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The older sis every gal needs to help her safely navigate relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.



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Relationships are not exactly straight forward. Emotional abuse is hella confusing. And the self-love journey is so damn messy. That’s why Prepair exists. To help a sis out with the straight up answers we all want and need.




An expert in emotional abuse, a self-confessed advocate of self-love and my passion is seeing young women step up and own their purpose with conviction, grace and freedom from abuse.

I’m a small town gal from Foxton, New Zealand. A mama, podcaster, educator, TED speaker and founder of Prepair.

My story has now reached over half a million people around the world. Everyday, I show up in the screens, inboxes, classrooms and conferences of young gals all across Aotearoa to talk about relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.

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